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Dragunalb Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks for the fave on =)

Mature Content

Feuerauge by Dragunalb
TheModerator Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015
Ibnik, Arbiter/Micheal, you're both off the hook as far as I'm concerned. You're both absolved of guilt because the stuff you did was as a result of the manipulations done by milanise7en, who I now consider to be the guilty party.

Ibnik, could you tell Arbiter to look at this, because he's blocked me.
Arbiter, this goes to show that when I tell you I'm doing something in your interests, you should help me out. I'm sorry I acted the way I did, but at the same time you REALLY didn't help…

Do with this information what you wish, but just quit slating each other.
Ibnik Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I have not been here in a while.
I am not going to show Michael jack shit. Sorry, Mod.
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Ibnik Featured By Owner May 6, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Transphobic? You told people to not do a transition you fucktard. Holy shit you are so stupid, you accuse people for being what you are.
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TheModerator Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015
1) Bitch I be heterophobic, homophopic, biphobic and transphobic. It's not a phobia if you hate everyone equally.
2) I Never said I forgave him. He still hasn't apologised and so he's still not forgiven, in my mind.
3) I Never said he wasn't a lying 2-faced piece of shit. By all means he is but you can't blame me for this.
4) The term is sociopathic, not psychotic. And also, you're fufilling that definition now by not listening to reason.
5) I gave you an opportinity to tell me the truth and help me uncover milanse7en, and you were the one that told me to get fucked. And I still worked in your interests even after that. Like it or not, since you're being sour, that makes you worse than I'll ever be, and I'm a pretty bad guy.

I believe the technical term for what you are is 'ungrateful piece of shit'. Read what I put, realise what it actually says instead of what you want it to say, and then do something reasonable instead of reading what you want to read.

Yeah, ibnik acted like a total bastard. So did you. But both of you did it because of what milanse7en did, and now he's confessed to doing it, it's fair to say you two were set up by him deliberately.

Now, that was the reasonable part of my debate over. Here's the unreasonable bit:
Listen here, shit4brains. I didn't spend a few hours of my life probing several hundred computers MANUALLY and BARELY LEGLLY, then spend several more hours crunching that data, then spend several more hours putting up with your stubbern-ass-bitch-head brain not realising I was trying to HELP you, just for you to tell me I've done fuck all. If I've done fuck all m8 then next time YOU can learn about BIND9 injection, YOU can learn about MAC address conversion, YOU can learn about international law regarding lawful use of an internet connection, YOU can execute a successful data collection attack on various targets remotely, and YOU can be the one that provides hard facts and evidence instead of just rambling about whatever shit you've got going on in that pathetic excuse for a cranium that somehow gives you what in the loosest sense can be called 'intelligence'.

There's a reason I commented here. Pipe down and listen to what I say instead of what you want to hear, or all those comments I posted and you removed a while back will be posted here, and you can't do shit to remove them. Know your hand before you play your cards, bitch.

Arbiter-EL14 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2015
1) That is stupid reasoning, expected of you
2)in your mind. in your mind. in your mind
3)I never blamed you for what others are and have done
4)You're the one to talk about reason? Very funny. I bet your reason tells you to go be a white knight asshole and threaten people based on one-sided claims of fake people.
5)You're a pretty annoying cunt. You come to someone bearing only threats? You got the response you deserved

And you're a stupid fucking cunt who still has no fucking idea...

Like I said, no fucking idea. Stop reading the blurb and acting like you read the book. Especially if it's the blurb of the wrong fucking book. Aka you're wrong

Haha. Ha. 'Help'. You've done so much by proving something that affects me very, very fucking little. hey, did you know the big cousin that beat the shit out of you was being impostered by the other big cousin that beats the shit out of you? Wow, I bet that solves the whole 'two people hating the shit out of you' thing now that we know it's only one person. Also, you called me stupid. Just say stupid. Word's don't make you smart. Elaborate offenses do not make you smart nor do they mean shit to me. Cunt.

You're pretty dumb and indecisive aren't you. First you're a transphobic fuckface and now you're calling me the right gender but wrong species. Plus marking as spam doesn't remove messages.

Lastly, I hate everyone too. You're not even on top of my 'people I hate' list, even though you're a stupid lying cunt 'white knight' piece of shit. And you act like there is anything you could do to me, anything at all that would hurt or offend me. Guess what, my life is worthless. You can't devalue dirt. You can't hurt dirt. You do anything that negatively affects my life? I don't have to live with it. And don't ask why the fuck I'm still alive, some of us are fucking softies
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Arbiter-EL14 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2015… EVERYONE, LOOK! THIS IS YOUR INNOCENT IBNIK!
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